Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Brian through the ages

So Brian has really loved horror movies for quite some time. Here is a range of pictures showing his developing interest in horror.The pictures are pretty poor quality because I took pictures of the photos, once I figure out my scanner then they will glorious!

Brian sometimes still sleeps like this haha. The book he is reading is See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Smell No even into scary stuff back then. Extra funny as Brian can't smell.

Brian with a familiar face, Savini, master of makeup and special effects for the bloody screen

Brian is to the right behind his friend Jeff with the long hair. Pretty sure this was taken at Spookyworld in Mass. Here is Brian's first group of fright loving friends.

Brian with Kane Hodder, who is best know for his role as Jason in part VII, VIII, and Jason Goes to Hell. Brian has met Kane so many times they are on a first name basis.

Well I have more pics where that came from, will add more soon.

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