Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Hello dear friends and family;
Its hard to know someone that just purely loves horror more than Brian. His laugh in a movie theater is unmistakable. Brian makes watching horror movies look fun. He says it all started when his mother and grandmother would rent him scary movies when he was like eight years old. His mother was completely okay with the gore but made him hide his eyes for any nudity. He jokes still that if his mother is in the room he almost feels obligated to still hide his eyes for any nudy parts. If Brian wasn't introduced to horror movies by his Mom he might be an expert on something completely else, like perhaps those plastic things at the end of your shoelaces, what are they called? So Denise ( Brian's mom) a big thank you!
He took his love and knowledge of horror from there and channeled it into Jeff and Brian's love child, Fright Reviews which was a cable access show that they did in high school where they would review horror films. Fright Reviews also had a spin off movie and a cartoon! Collectors items soon!
It has been incredible to be on this journey with Brian to see him take chances and follow his passions. Brian's passion and courage brought us first here to Los Angeles and subsequently we have made wonderful new friends that share the love of the bloody screen.
I was puzzled when Brian started talking about watching a horror movie every day and reviewing them. I probably mumbled something like, "that's nice hun."Now look, more than two years later, Brian is still going strong and there are still plenty of bad movies to be had. Brian's writing still floors me.
Sharing a life together means sharing your dreams and I have seen Brian accomplish many of those dreams. Dead in America, moderating the John Carpenter Q&A, his Shocker Screening, getting notoriety with his Horror Movie A Day blog, etc. I know that we couldn't have accomplished half of what we have in our lives without the help of our friends and family. So I need your help to fulfill one of Brian's dreams, to go to Fright Fest.

Fright Fest is one of the biggest Horror/Fantasy festivals in the world located in London, UK. To Brian this is his mecca. He is trying to save up to go but I need everyone's help to ensure that he can make it next year.

The festival occurs in the summer there is a year to raise the funds. I'd like to surprise Brian for the holidays with what we have raised thus far. Any little bit helps seriously! It would be so appreciated! By the way, ***THIS IS A SURPRISE*** so no spoiling :)

Lots of Love,

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